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Pacific Rim

Peter Rabbit

Tomb Raider

The Mercy

12 Strong

Black Panther

Monster Family

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Thursday March 22nd to Wednesday March 28th 2018
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Pacific Rim Uprising (M)
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Thu 22nd - 10.30am 2.30pm 6.50pm
Fri 23rd - 10.30am 2.30pm 6.50pm
Sat 24th - 1.50pm 3.50pm 6.50pm
Sun 25th - 1.50pm 3.50pm 6.50pm
Mon 26th - 10.30am 2.30pm 6.50pm
Tue 27th - 10.30am 2.30pm 6.50pm
Wed 28th - 10.30am 2.30pm 6.50pm

Peter Rabbit (PG)
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Thu 22nd - 10.30am 12.40pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Fri 23rd - 10.30am 12.40pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Sat 24th - 9.30am 11.30am 1.30pm 6.50pm
Sun 25th - 9.30am 11.30am 1.30pm 6.50pm
Mon 26th - 10.30am 12.40pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Tue 27th - 10.30am 12.40pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Wed 28th - 10.30am 12.40pm 4.50pm 6.50pm

Tomb Raider (M)
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Thu 22nd - 12.20pm 2.30pm 8.50pm
Fri 23rd - 12.20pm 2.30pm 8.50pm
Sat 24th - 11.30am 4.10pm 8.50pm
Sun 25th - 11.30am 4.10pm 8.50pm
Mon 26th - 12.20pm 2.30pm 8.50pm
Tue 27th - 12.20pm 2.30pm 8.50pm
Wed 28th - 12.20pm 2.30pm 8.50pm

The Mercy (M)
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Thu 22nd - 10.30am 6.40pm
Fri 23rd - 10.30am 6.40pm
Sat 24th - 12.10pm 7.00pm
Sun 25th - 12.10pm 7.00pm
Mon 26th - 10.30am 6.40pm
Tue 27th - 10.30am 6.40pm
Wed 28th - 10.30am 6.40pm

12 Strong (MA15+) ID Required
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Thu 22nd - 3.50pm 8.50pm
Fri 23rd - 3.50pm 8.50pm
Sat 24th - 2.10pm 9.10pm
Sun 25th - 2.10pm 9.10pm
Mon 26th - 3.50pm 8.50pm
Tue 27th - 3.50pm 8.50pm
Wed 28th - 3.50pm 8.50pm

Monster Family (PG)
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Thu 22nd - 4.50pm
Fri 23rd - 4.50pm
Sat 24th - 9.30am
Sun 25th - 9.30am
Mon 26th - 4.50pm
Tue 27th - 4.50pm
Wed 28th - 4.50pm

Black Panther (M) NFT
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Thu 22nd - 12.50pm 9.10pm
Fri 23rd - 12.50pm 9.10pm
Sat 24th - 9.30am 4.30pm 9.10pm
Sun 25th - 9.30am 4.30pm 9.10pm
Mon 26th - 12.50pm 9.10pm
Tue 27th - 12.50pm 9.10pm
Wed 28th - 12.50pm 9.10pm

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